What is the use of automated management system?

  • Automation of the working process
  • Increase the workforce twice and more
  • Decrease working time
  • Increase quality and accuracy
  • Decrease Fuel and building materials
  • Exclusion of a human factor
  • Receive reports for each unit of equipment

Why choose Topcon’s system?

Taking into consideration that different mechanical techniques have different design, TOPCON has created different systems of management. They are best integrated into the car. Such systems allow  effectively control such parameters, as grinder or bulldozer set knife angle, as lip of the excavator, or asphalt paver planned and height condition. Can differentiate 2D and 3D management system.The 2D system based on the height of the known points and the calculation of the relativity with the laser through the laser.The 3D system based on the coordinates calculated by the satellite system. In this case, the digital model of the project will be loaded in the management system block in order to get the car location operational. For this purpose, TOPCON has created a unique technology of mmGPS that based on synchronous work of satellites and special laser devices.

To achieve the desired result, all devices can be used with different configurations.